10 Considerations When Downsizing in Louisiana

On our home page, we cover the four stages of home ownership: first home, growing needs, an escape and then downsizing. Some choose not to downsize for a variety of reasons, including having the extra space to help a grown child with a place to live or to take care of aging parents. However, sometimes [...]

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Five Actions For When the Weather Throws Your Market a Curve

In the fall we saw a dramatic increase in mortgage delinquencies in the regions suffering from severe weather, flooding, and fires. The good news we have learned from all of the research into this topic is that overall nationally, the serious delinquency rate was the lowest since 2006 in the last quarter of 2018. [...]

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Regional Economic Forecast for 2019: Hopeful News!

Over the last month, numbers and data regarding our region's economic forecast for 2019 have begun to take shape. After a few years of recession in our area, things are finally starting to look up. And, when there’s a positive outlook on job and industry growth, the ripples can be felt throughout the region’s [...]

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Bring Your Entire Financial History to the Table

While the mortgage crisis may seem a thing of the past, the industry is still feeling reverberations from the aftermath. Recently, the importance of a knowledgeable team, good follow-up, and understanding your rights and responsibilities came to light in a way that can serve as a cautionary tale for future clients, agents, brokers, and [...]

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