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Jefferson Parish stretches from the shores of Lake Pontchartrain to the Gulf of Mexico. The parish is a perfect representation of the history, beauty, diversity, culture, and recreation the region has to offer residents.


  • Total Area: 665 Sq. Miles
  • Population: 436,523
  • Median Household Income: $49,678
  • Median Age: 38.8 years

Established in 1825, Jefferson Parish was named for Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson arranged for the purchase of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 from France, opening the area for new settlement, and the area’s settlers wanted to commemorate his role in the annexation. Its present-day boundary was set in 1874 and it’s parish seat moved to Gretna in 1884, where it remains today.

Jefferson Parish started out as predominantly rural, with large tracts of undeveloped land peppered with dairies and farms. This began to change in the 1950’s when middle-class families began settling in the area, and subsequently made Jefferson Parish the first suburb in Greater New Orleans. Population increased again with the opening of the Crescent City Connection Bridge in 1958, making the commute between Jefferson Parish and New Orleans much simpler.

Jefferson Parish offers a wealth of recreation, outdoor activities, arts, and a lively food culture. The parish boasts some of the best fishing and hunting areas in the country, family-friendly green spaces such as the Barataria Nature Preserve, (link), a vibrant food scene featuring fresh Gulf Coast seafood, and an active fine and performing arts community as well.

The area is steeped in history, embraces the old with historic homes and centuries-old Bayou culture, and the new with growing communities – blending them together to create an active way of life and thriving neighborhoods.