What is the secret to successfully selling your home today?  Over the years we have learned that there is no secret.  So why do so many home owners experience the pain and anxiety of a listing that just doesn’t sell?  The reasons range from poor agent relations to a poor strategic plan to poor implementation.

We advise our clients to enter the process of selling their property as they would a business.  A successful business has objectives. Your objectives for selling property could be: move on to a new life style, make money, reduce debt, prevent or minimize loss, accumulate cash.

What it takes to sell your house…

  • In three words – Pricing, Preparing, Presenting
  • View our chart, “What it Takes To Sell Your Property” The items in red are what we guide you through, the rest of the items in white is what we do.
  • And, please review the more than 140 possible steps we take to sell your home in, “Why you need a full-time, IRL agent walking you through this transaction.”

Now that you have decided to sell your property, what do you think is the best way to establish a realistic value of your home?

  • Ask the neighbors?
  • Rely on a real estate agent who will agree with any price you suggest as long as it allows him or her to list your house?
  • Agree to a price that will net you the money you need in order to purchase your next home?

The best price that you can obtain for your home will ultimately be determined by the dynamics of the market. Your property has many values, depending on who’s assigning the value:

  • The tax assessor
  • An appraiser
  • You, the owner
  • A lender
  • An insurance company
  • Prospective buyers

Factors that influence the market value of your property:

  • Location
  • Financing
  • Condition of property
  • Lot size
  • Buyer demand
  • Current market conditions; new listings/price reductions in your market
  • Architectural style
  • Square footage of home

Market value is also impacted by emotional appeal. The ultimate value criteria for a buyer can be visual and functional appeal.