Listing Service for Sellers

It's more than looking up solds on Zillow.

Listing Service

We areĀ  aware of all aspects of past transactions, as well as upcoming legislature, finance news. We help guide you to a price to move your property quickly so you can move on to your next home.

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Buyer Representation

We are in your corner.

Negotiation Experts

It’s normal to get emotional with the transaction of a home or other property. We can stay objective, yet protective to help you close the transaction with the least amount of stress, at the best price.

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Leasing Services

It's OK if you aren't ready to buy. We can help.

Finding Rentals

We realize purchasing isn’t always an option. Sometimes it’s timing, temporary location or just not in the plan. We can help you find an ideal home that will feel like YOUR home. We know the best locations and neighborhoods.

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Property Management

Tenant screening, vendor supervision and more.

Have a property to lease?

You’ve decided to lease you property, or have had it leased, but don’t want to manage it? We can help take those monthly tasks, including tenant screenings off your to-do list. You can be as involved or hands-off as you desire.

Let us knock your stress levels way down by helping you with property management. We actually enjoy all the details.

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Audubon's REO Division

BPO, Foreclosure, HUD

Our REO Division

Allow our REO division to handle all aspects of moving your assets, ON TIME including prop pres, marketing, occupied properties and more.

Louisiana REO

How can we help?

Let's talk about the real estate services you need.

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We think it’s time for you to get excited about this upcoming transaction, whether you are buying, selling or leasing.

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