St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana Listings and Facts

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St. John the Baptist Parish is located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, the heart of the state’s sugarcane industry. It is known as one of the “River Parishes” and is bisected by the Mississippi River. The area has an abundance of natural resources and a mild climate, the higher ground is valued for its fertile soil, and is home to ample wetlands support hunting, fishing, and timber.


  • Total Area: 348 Sq Miles
  • Population: 43,888
  • Median Age: 36.3
  • Median Household Income: $53,406

The area now known as St. John the Baptist Parish was discovered by European explorers in the late 1500’s. By the 1720’s German families fleeing French persecution began arriving, taking up land along the Mississippi River and creating what later became known as the German Coast, which included land from neighboring St. Charles Parish. As more European colonists came to the territory, they established farming, trade, and eventually sugar cane production. There are several plantation homes that have been preserved and are listed on the National Historic Registry, where sugar cane was the main crop farmed in the area by these larger plantation owners. In the 20th century, the area began diversifying its economy, and today, the parish is home to several industries, including companies such as Dow Chemical, Cargill, and Marathon Petroleum.

St. John the Baptist Parish is a thriving parish, with lively communities like LaPlace and the smaller Edgard. The parish is quite famous for its Christmas Eve bonfires along the river, and LaPlace is known as the “Andouille Capital of the World.” Each October the community holds the Andouille Festival, where the delicious food and the parish culture are on display. There are numerous parks and recreation options throughout the parish, including fishing, hunting and golf, and the region boasts reasonable housing costs. If you are in search of a quiet, suburban lifestyle with modern amenities, Saint John the Baptist is a perfect place to call home.